RF Precision Products

Precision and Lab Grade

Test Cables, Adapters, Connectors

RF Precision Products, in the RF Connector Product line are precision-grade, high frequency connectors and adapters for OEM, military and metrology lab applications.RFP2 Product

Test grade phase stable jumpers are in high demand and are used for Military phased array radar, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and Doppler radar. Phase stable cables are also used in medical environments for ultrasound equipment.

Connector products offered: SMA, N, 7-16 DIN, 3.5mm. All components meet RoHS requirements.

Cable assemblies: RFP2’s standard test-grade products are configured to perform with exceptional electrical results to 18GHz. They are high frequency, high power, low loss and phase stable. RFP2’s products feature triple shield coaxial cables and operate in temperature extremes between -55 to +200C. Armored versions are available. We offer phase matching as a value added service.